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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Enhancing Your Website For More Exposure


I came across this article and it has some very helpful, legitimate and free information regarding website enhancement. I have been working on my site and already have some of these things in place on my website and it has, in fact, increased traffic to my site.

Just click on the link below to the PDF file. Hope you find something useful!

Click here to view the full article on Website Enhancements.

Artful Business - POSITION YOUR BUSINESS FOR SUCCESS..... (article from Sculptural Pursuit Mag.)

Hi to all you fellow artists/business owners -

I read this article in the Winter 2009 issue of Sculptural Pursuit magazine. It's really just common sense, but I thought I would share.

Here's to a successful and creative 2010 for everyone!


"For the past year, we've been inundated with one distressing piece of economic news after another, along with anecdotal reports from art fairs and shows around the country indicating that sales are undergoing a major downturn. I was surprised and gratified to see so many sculptors actually selling work at the recent Loveland shows. Many of the artists with whom I talked had sold at least a few pieces, and some had made significant dents in their show inventory...

.....One of the positives that comes out of times like these is that your business can become much leaner, yet stay successful, so that when times change - because they always do - you're ready to go with new work, new habits and a new attitude."

Click here to view the full article on Artful Business.